Escape the stress and disruption – the self-isolation that you will appreciate!

Being placed under quarantine is an experience that none of us enjoys or indeed asks for. It is depressing and slowly but surely gnaws away at your dignity. But finding an island where you can wave away the fatigue and challenges, to free your mind and body from the struggles, to forget about the challenges and disasters, now that’s  regenerating!

Since the 14th century, the noble and wealthy families of Dubrovnik retreated from the hustle and bustle of daily life to the recluse of their own private countryside villas, especially during times of deadly pandemics. They gladly exchanged the hectic life of the city for their enchanting gardens surronded by an inner circle of close friends and family. This is exactly what we are proposing for you today. In the secludedness of Villa Ella and the safety of this island retreat, feel your heartbeat, focus on the potential within you, recover and heal. Finding yourself will help you listen to others and before you know it you will re-discover the real treasures, and indeed pleasures, of life.