Why our villas excel in sustainability

No one will deny that the conservation of our planet has become more important than ever. For the team of Luxury Villas Dubrovnik going green was always among our top priorities!! We are proud of our heritage, love to share the values of our region and feel responsible for our environment.

So let me tell you why you will find our villas at the top of the lists of sustainable homes. First of all, there is their integration into the local community. We will tell you about local traditions, bring you to the local market and help you find your way to local shops. You will try our homemade liquors and learn more about our local wines. Each of our homes is staffed by locals and they have a heart for their country.

Built and renovated with the utmost respect for nature and tradition, our renovations are considered to be a part of local architectural heritage. Magnificent ceiling paintings, stone and wooden staircases, iron handrails and stone ornaments are just some of the original decorative elements restored to their original glory. Feeling and touching a homemade of fine materials will no doubt make you feel good.

Authentic as they are, our villas have thick stone walls that keep temperature better than any modern construction. Energy saving in many ways! However, with summer temperatures up to 35 degrees, air conditioning is sometimes desirable. Thanks to an innovative airco system, energy losses are reduced to minimum.

Waste is also one of our concerns, so we kindly ask our guests to separate the trash in different containers. And when it comes to cleaning standards, our staff is well trained and using bio-based products of the highest quality. We can be confident that by using only eco-friendly products made from renewable resources we will all have peace of mind.

Luxury Villas Dubrovnik is proud to represent a perfect combination of elegance, functionality and sustainability. And to witness that we can live in harmony with nature while enjoying the benefits of contemporary life! Let’s be grateful!